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Estate Car Rental Inverness

Do you need to rent an estate car in Inverness? Why not get a quote for estate car rental from Inverness Car Rental today.

An excellent choice for customers who would like some extra luggage space whilst driving in Inverness, our estate car category offers space for about seven large suitcases! If that wasn't enough there is still plenty of room for five people to sit in comfort.

Inverness estate car hireInverness estate car rental

Estate Car Specifications

Here are a few technical details which will help you to decide if the estate car is suitable your car hire needs.

Passengers: Up to 5 adults
Luggage space: Up to 7 large suitcases
Doors: 5 doors
Air conditioning: Available
Transmission: Manual or Automatic

Please be aware that the exact specifications of the estate car will vary according to your chosen rental company.